Expect German riesling on Andy Tyson’s wine lists.

Andy Tyson

Restaurant Hubert, Basement, 15 Bligh Street, Sydney
Alberto’s Lounge, 17-19 Alberta St, Sydney

From wines that make you visualise David Hasselhoff singing at the Berlin Wall, to what to drink with popcorn – meet Andy Tyson, sommelier at two of Sydney’s much-loved venues, Restaurant Hubert and Alberto’s Lounge.

For Tyson, hospitality is something that comes as naturally as walking and talking; his mother Tracey introducing him to the world of food and wine at a young age.

Working alongside Anthony Moore at Restaurant Hubert for the past nine years has been a valuable experience for Tyson. “[Anthony] certainly influenced the way I taste wine, manage people and make decisions in a restaurant. Although I still feel I might have given him a better sense of humour along the way.”

He’s clear about the thought process for choosing a wine list. “Since Hubert is French and Alberto’s is Italian, they lay the foundation for both lists. From there, I work backwards choosing wines from those countries and around the world that excite me.

“At Restaurant Hubert, it’s about finding a new Chablis producer to drink with oysters, or at Alberto’s, an old Chianti Classico for the bolognese.”

What can guests can expect on his lists during the warmer months? Ice-cold, German riesling. “There is something about these that quench my thirst more than anything and almost everyone I introduce them to love them,” he says.

“They’ll make food taste better and conjure images of David Hasselhoff singing ‘Looking for Freedom’ at the Berlin Wall. Really vivid stuff. No joke.”

Tyson also has endless food and wine matches for those nights in isolation. “Manzanilla and oysters, Chablis and popcorn, sake and brie. I might write a coffee table book about it.”