Diageo ambassador Simon McGoram.

Easy Money

There’s never been a better time to invest in whisky as prices for collectors’ items continue to rise. With any sort of investment, you want to do your research first to better understand the market, and this can be quite fun as we found out with Diageo’s whisky ambassador Simon McGoram. “It pays to compare advice from whisky experts, read different whisky blogs and join whisky clubs,” he says.

McGoram recommends that when purchasing whisky as an investment to look for limited releases, unrepeatables and to buy bottlings that come from the distillery and are not bottled independently. “Some great examples this year were the Port Ellen, Brora and Port Dundas.”

The good news with whisky is that it’s relatively easy to store. Keep it in its original packaging, and store it in a dark, cool and dry place. If storing for extended periods, sit it upright, not on its side, as the strong alcohol can corrode the cork and taint the whisky.