Shaw + Smith Celebrates 30 Years

It all started three decades ago when Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith were having lunch at Willi’s Wine Bar in Paris. “We just thought let’s make some wine, it’ll be fun,” said Hill Smith. “Our plan was that we didn’t have a plan,” Shaw went on to say. “What we did have, however, was a number of shared principles which were somewhat at odds with the direction of many Australian wineries.”

The combination of Shaw’s winemaking talent and Hill Smith’s skill as a Master of Wine have served the pair well at Shaw + Smith. Over the years, unlikely partners have built a formidable team including senior winemaker, Adam Wadewitz, group viticulturist, Murray Leake and sales and marketing guru David Le Mire MW.

“As individuals we are both highly flawed, or slightly flawed depending on your opinion, but if you put us together into one person we are quite impressive. Martin’s discipline and my enthusiasm for a new idea – my flights of fancy tempered by Martin’s parsimony and practicality. It works,” says Hill Smith.


Images courtesy of Shaw + Smith