Zachary Phillips has won this year's New Wine Writer Award.

LG Electronics Australia has added the 430l Wine Cellar (RRP A$8,999) to its Signature range, an initiative for which they originally collaborated with Danish industrial designer Torsten Valeur.

The sleek, scratch-resistant steel unit provides storage for up to 65 bottles on its seasoned cedar adjustable shelving. It features multi-temperature and humidity control, shields against UV light, plus the doors automatically open, activated by a holographic light at the base of the cellar.

Give the door a couple of taps and it turns transparent to reveal wines without opening. Unlike other wine cabinets and to address the increasing trend to entertain at home, the cellar features two hand drawer units, ideal for storing produce such as meats and cheeses.

For the launch, LG partnered with Melbourne sommelier, and co-founder and buyer of Good Pair Days, Banjo Harris-Plane. “It’s a game-changer in any modern Australian home,” he says. “We are working together on this launch to highlight the importance of storing wines, so they can be experienced the way the winemaker intended.”