The Te Kano Estate tasting room has opened at last.

Ushering in a new era for Cullen Wines; the vineyard, winery and restaurant have been transformed into a unified space where guests are welcomed with the story of the biodynamic practices and sustainable farming that is at the heart of the Margaret River winery.

“Biodynamics is about oneness, togetherness and connection” shares Cullen Wines’ winemaker and owner, Vanya Cullen. “For some time now we have wanted to connect this place with people and the space when they come to visit.”

The changes are noticeable from the first step through the doorway, with an abundance of greenery replacing the previous segregation within the rustic stone-walled building.

Breaking into a joyful grin Vanya adds, “it’s wonderful enlivening of the space, quite literally through the plants here now. It’s always been a great dream of mine to be able to have that inside-outside feeling at Cullen.” It’s been a true team effort and taken over nine months for the transformation from concept to reality.

The Cullen Wines space took nine months to build.

Lush interior greenery, which includes hanging ferns and potted plants, is the brainchild of Bec Phillious, who grew the collection especially for the wine room. The vineyard is brought right onto the dining table, with floral arrangements replaced with cover-crop, still growing in the very soil that is responsible for Cullen’s award-winning wine.

“Having healthy soils and vines give better grapes and makes better wine” adds Vanya, “we are bringing the vineyard inside”. Framing each window are also cuttings from the Cabernet Sauvignon block, flourishing in glass bottles to further blur the line between spaces.

The biodynamic narrative is at the forefront of all experiences in the wine room, from guided tastings through to locally crafted spiral dining plates by potter Bill Meiklejohn.

“Pottery and wine have much in common: they both reflect the people that make them and the place they come from.” Plating up is Executive Chef Antoine Deunff, who has developed a menu with over ninety per cent of vegetables biodynamically grown in the winery garden.

Vanya encourages guests to finish their visit with a self-guided stroll through the spiral garden, and “enjoy the whole process of the story of biodynamics and Cullen Wines”.