What state is Tasting Australia held in?

1. White Burgundy is made from which grape variety?
2. The Pelješac Peninsula, with winemaking roots dating back to the 13th century, is found in which country?
3. When was the first known patent for a corkscrew: 1755, 1795 or 1845?
4. Tasting Australia is an annual event showcasing the country’s top food and wine in which Australian state?
5. Is the drink Snake Venom’s claim to fame being the strongest beer or strongest gin in the world? Bonus point: What is its ABV?
6. True or false: The glass typically used for light-bodied red wine has a smaller bowl than the glass typically used for full-bodied reds.
7. There are 10 different sizes when it comes to a wine bottle, the smallest holding only 187.5ml. What is the name given to the smallest wine bottle size?
8. Where is more than 90% of New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc grown, Marlborough, Martinborough or Gisborne?
9. True or false: When popped, a Champagne cork can reach a speed of up to 40km/h.
10. The total vineyard area in Australia in 2020 was estimated to be 146,244 hectares (Wine Australia 2020 Report). List the three Australian states that accounted for the bulk of that total vineyard area?
11. What does the Italian wine term ‘amabile’ describe?
12. ‘Nelson’s Blood’ is a nickname given to which liquor?