Which is the most widely planted grape variety in the world?

1. In sparkling wine, what does the process of ‘riddling’ entail?
2. From what country does verdelho originate?
3. What is cask wine?
4. Founded in 1584, which is the oldest Champagne house: Gosset, Taittinger or Pommery?
5. True or false: As of 2020, Australia ranks in the top five hop-producing countries in the world.
6. Is riesling commonly categorised as an aromatic white wine or light-bodied white wine?  
7. Which country is South America’s largest wine producer?
8. Which two grapes are the most widely planted across Australia?
9. True or false: The alcohol content of sake is typically higher than wine but lower than spirits.
10. According to Wine Australia’s 2019-20 data, nearly 50% of Australia’s direct-to-consumer wine sales were made: online, in bottle shops or at cellar doors?
11. What does the term ‘minerality’ imply when tasting wine?
12. Which of the following is Australia’s oldest operational brewery? Castlemaine Perkins (Brisbane), Cascade Brewery (Hobart), Carlton and United Breweries (Melbourne or Coopers Brewery in Adelaide).
13. What is the difference between a dirty martini and a dry martini?