1. In Champagne and sparkling wine, what does the term “disgorgement” refer to?
2. A wine you’re tasting has a strong kerosene, or petrol-like aroma. Is it more likely to be chardonnay, chenin blanc or riesling?
3. Sake is made by fermenting what grain?
4. Name three of the six Noble Grape varieties.
5. Acidic wines pair well with acidic foods. True or false?
6. Tulip, Thistle and Pokal are all types of what?
7. Name an Australian wine region beginning with the letter E.
8. Old World wines are typically from which continent?
9. Champagne is best served at 3-7°C or 7-14°C?
10. Yunnan and Hebei are two wine regions in which country?
11. Which of these regions is in the south of Spain? Andalucia, La Rioja, Mendoza
12. What grape variety makes up the majority of New Zealand’s wine exports?