Aussie Sparkling on Top

Australia’s sparkling wine fraternity has been recognised on the international stage with two big honours at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC). Domaine Chandon was awarded Best Australian Sparkling Wine for their NV Chandon Brut, the second time one of their wines has won the award in the last three years. “It is a rarity in wine shows for a non-vintage to take a trophy,” said Chandon’s senior winemaker Dan Buckle, “so this is not only incredible news for us but also for people who want to drink Australian sparkling that is both affordable and high quality.”

The other big Australian winner of the night was winemaker at House of Arras, Ed Carr, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award, alongside Champagne royalty such as Richard Geoffroy, formerly of Dom Perignon. “Getting up on stage to accept this particular award is extremely special because to me it represents the pinnacle of recognition for our wine quality that we could scarcely envisage back in 1995,” said Carr.

The CSWWC bills itself as “the most respected, comprehensive and rigorous international sparkling wine competition in the world”.