Sommelier’s Choice

Ian Trinkle, Howard Smith Wharves

5 Boundary St, Brisbane City, QLD,

Last year at Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards, Ian Trinkle was the sommelier responsible for the winning list at Aria Brisbane, and therefore the recipient of the coveted Judy Hirst Award.

“It was the culmination of years of hard work,” says Trinkle. “It was emotional, it was a really great experience. It was great to be recognised by my peers and other people in the industry.”

Trinkle, originally from Philadelphia, fell in love with an Australian woman and moved to her hometown of Brisbane in 2010 when they decided it was time for a change. No longer at Aria, Trinkle is now at the recently opened Howard Smith Wharves, also in Brisbane, and is the group sommelier currently focusing on three of the venues there: Mr Percival’s, Felon’s Brewing Co. and ARC Dining and Wine Bar.

“Mr Percival’s wine list has about 50 wines, Felon’s has about 20. We switch that up quite regularly. ARC is a little bit more wine focused, and we can have between 300 and 500 different labels.”

Luigi Maffini is one of those labels; Trinkle says the Fiano is perfect for the Brisbane climate. He’s also excited about New England’s Jilly Wines, having done some vintage work with Jared Dixon in preparation for a wine collaboration with ARC Dining, something he’s also doing with Cobaw Ridge to make an intriguing shiraz lagrein blend.

“It’s light, pretty, has that really nice structure of the lagrein, really aromatic, perfumey, Northern Rhône-esque.”

At home, Trinkle is all about chardonnay and light pretty reds.

“I love drinking cru Beaujolais. I also like a really ice cold beer in the 40 degree heat.”

Image courtesy of Howard Smith Wharves